Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 1 Houston to Independence & Liberty MO

(fresh out of the car in Independence following our all night drive)
We left on our Journey on a Tuesday night. My plan was to get out of here at 8pm, and hope that the kids slept their way through the first 13 hour leg of our trip. Total success. I drove from 8pm-2am, then Daniel drove from 2am-7am. The kids woke up, we stopped for breakfast and only had a 2 hour drive with everyone awake to the LDS Independence Missouri Visitors Center.

The kids had the most fun playing in a little pioneer themed play area with a cabin, horse and wagon, well, giant checkers, etc.

After we finished up at the Independence visitors center we grabbed some lunch and then headed to Liberty Jail in Liberty MO. There is basically a domed building over the original foundation of the jail with a reconstructed jail on top. The original bars are still present on one side where the prisoners families passed food and supplies through the bars. The floor on the ground level is original.After we left the jail site, we checked into our hotel which was 5 minutes away. I had slept for 2 hours the previous night, so I passed out from 3-5pm. When I woke up we went swimming in the little indoor hotel pool. The girls had fun learning how to play Marco Polo. I played that in the pool all the time with my Uncle when I was little. Fun. Then we ordered some yummy pizza from a place called the Dish and ate it in our hotel room. We got a good night sleep and headed out the next morning for our next destination...Nauvoo IL (with a stop at Carthage IL on the way).

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