Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 2: Liberty MO to Carthage & Nauvoo IL

We had breakfast at our hotel and then headed out relatively early for Carthage and Nauvoo. I was a little hesitant about taking the kids to Carthage. Even though I have always wanted to go, I was concerned that it might be too sad/morbid for them. For those not familiar with LDS church history, Carthage Jail is the site where Joseph Smith Jr. and his brother Hyrum were murdered/martyred by a mob. They did really well with it though. I was glad that they had the opportunity to visit a place where they (older kids mainly) could see that real people were persecuted and died in the pursuit of our freedom to worship as we choose.
These are the stairs that the mob stormed up to the bedroom where the prisoners were staying. They were not being held in the "prison" rooms because the jailer and his family, who also lived in the home/jail quickly realized that they were not actually criminals, but religious/political prisoners.There are still 2 bullet holes in the door. Powerful stuff. It is amazing the things that people do to one another out of fear. Personally, I think we are all guilty of that...some to a greater degree and some to a lesser degree. It seems to sadly be a natural human instinct, part of fight or flight I assume. In this particular case the murderers believed that they could end the church by killing its leader...you can see how well that worked out for them.

Moving on to our next stop we made the 30 min drive to our next destination, Nauvoo. We checked into our hotel and then took in what sites we were able to fit in for the rest of the afternoon/evening. There is always a ton to do and see in Nauvoo. Here, I had to take Xander out of the Tinsmith demonstration because he needed to run and jump.
Bella and Jules particularly enjoyed the Family Living Center. They have a lot of different demonstrations like Candle making,weaving, breadmaking, rope making (as you can see us doing below), etc.
We got to keep a piece of rope. Here is Jules jump roping away down the path out of the Family Living Building.After site seeing and dinner, we headed over to the pageant grounds to watch the Pageant. There were a lot of activities for the kids on the grounds leading up to the performance. The big girls and I learned how to braid rag rugs. Thankfully Xander fell asleep during the Pageant because it ran until after 10pm and he is difficult to contain. We were thankful for the opportunity to see the Pageant, because it was ending that weekend and we've never been to Nauvoo during the time that a Pageant was running.We headed back to our hotel and straight to bed after the Pageant. More of our Navoo adventures to be continued on Day 3.

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