Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 3: Nauvoo IL to Chicago IL

We started this day with a 9am wagon ride tour through the historic area of Nauvoo. Here the kids are getting a close up view of the horses before we get started.

No sooner had we gotten started on our tour, when a tire blew out on our wagon, spooking the horses and nearly causing a runaway incident. The elderly (very experienced) missionaries who were driving managed to get them under control. They said it was the closest they'd ever come to having a runaway wagon tour, and they were very grateful that we had the older calmer horses, because the other pair may not have stopped until they got to the river. I guess we're just lucky, lol.
I love this picture, even though Bella clearly has no idea that I'm taking it. You may have to click on it if you want to read the quote.
We walked down this path (the kids are walking backwards for fun) while we waited 15 minutes for our wagon to be repaired and sent back to get us. We saw some adorable oxen, and read all the plaques along the path.

View of the Nauvoo Temple from our wagon tour.
The kids spent a long time playing in this play area with cabins, pioneer costumes, old fashioned toys and games, etc.
Bella attempts to walk on little stilts.
This child has never met an object that he didn't feel compelled to climb onto...then jump off of.
Xander playing with daddy.
After we finished up our Nauvoo adventure, we got in the car and headed to Chicago to meet/see Great Grandma Dorothy.
Homeboy never met a plum he didn't devour. They are hands down his favorite fruit.Making new friends with his beloved Monkey and Cow in tow.
Family pictures are self explanatory. :)We had dinner at Grandma's house and visited, then headed back to our hotel for the night. It was a long day. We slept like rocks.


Michael said...

Holy crap! Daniel is actually smiling in the last picture! Also, I gotta give Daniel a hard time about his uniform. I can see him packing for the trip: "jeans - check; button-up short sleeve shirts - check; tennis shoes - check. OK. I'm ready to go."

Erika said...

No joke, while he was packing I was like, "Um...why are you bringing all your normal work shirts on vacation." He gave me some explanation about how that's what he's used to wearing and that's what is sitting in his clean laundry pile waiting to be put away, so that's what's going in the suitcase.