Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 4: Chicago IL

On Day 4 we took the kids to our beloved Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. It was fun, but crazy crowded. We attempted to do the IMAX Flight movie with all the kids. Xander was very fidgety, but we made it through and as usual, he fell asleep near the end of the 45 minute movie.
There were quite a few new things since our last visit 8 years ago. Since Bella was a toddler and Julianne was an embryo last time, they didn't remember any of it anyway.
That's Daniel's face, if you couldn't tell.This really cool rotating thing was some kind of demonstration of the science of Avalanche. It was huge (hard to tell the scale from the picture), and you could turn it at whatever speed you wanted. Bella was turning it while I took this picture.

Everyone was enamored with the baby chick hatchery. Leia kept asking me to make sure I got a picture "of all the little cheeps".

Tornado making device. We saw a smaller version of this in the Dallas Museum in January. This one was way better.
Leia and Jules posing by a train.
Daddy and Xander racing. Everyone took a turn driving and skiing on these games.

We went back to Grandma's house to visit for a little while longer after we left the museum. Grandma and Leia resumed their game from the previous day playing guessing games with a bunch of fake plastic berries that the kids fished out of a display bowl. Leia was REALLY into it.We headed out of Grandma's around 6:30pm, picked up some Italian beef sandwiches and hot dogs, and went back to our hotel for a good night's sleep. We had to be up and out of the hotel at 5:30am for the next leg of our journey. I snuck out while Daniel was getting the kids to bed to pick up more snacks/drinks (we were running low), and attempt to find a pair of tennis shoes. No luck on the shoes. I also got stuck in the grocery store forever trying to find natural fruit snacks or fruit leather or something, or any other healthy snacks for the car. I ended up with fruit cups, cheese sticks, and not much else to show for my 45 minutes in the store. Either the grocery store there was trying really hard to hide the good snacks, or they didn't have them. It was frustrating. Note to self, stock up on all your favorite snacks before you leave home. Grocery stores do not carry the same products everywhere. I got back to the hotel around 10pm, which ended the Chicago leg of our adventure.

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