Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 5: Chicago IL to Eureka MO

Very early on the morning of day 5, we left our hotel in Chicago and made the 5 hour drive down to our last stopping point...Eureka MO. It was chosen because it would break up the too long drive home and have something worth stopping at, Six Flags St Louis. We arrived about 20 minutes after the park opened, so we did well with our timing.
Xander and Bella on the big Ferris Wheel. The expression on his face says, "It's going to go where!"
It turned out that Xander was EXACTLY 36 inches tall. This is his first big kid ride that required a 36 inch height. The first of many that day. He enjoyed most of them, despite his best Daniel Jr. serious face.
Daniel and the girls on the big swings.
Xander learns how to do a thumbs up. So cute.
Juli and Leia riding with a little girl who was too small to ride alone, but her parent was too tall to ride with her. This teacup ride had a 36"-52" only height restriction.
Super hero sisters.
The Riddler starts to get sleepy.Capes and Carousels.
After the park closed we headed across the street to our hotel. Around midnight Xander started vomiting, and did not stop all night long. Every 45 minutes he would wake up and throw up, then fall immediately back to sleep. It wasn't exactly the good night's sleep I was hoping for before our 14 hour trek home to Houston. But, it was a fun day, and we can be thankful that the stomach virus hit on the last night of our trip when all the fun was finished!

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