Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 6: Eureka MO to Houston TX

Day 6 was consumed entirely with driving home. The only 2 exciting things that happened were 1. Xander immediately stopped throwing up as soon as we got in the car, and 2. We escaped a horrible, horrible accident.

So Xander had been throwing up every 30-45 minutes all night long, up until the moment we were walking out of the hotel and I was literally holding him over the sink so he could vomit as we went out the door. Somehow he didn't throw up again all day until 6pm. We got out of the car to get some Subway and he threw up all over the sidewalk. It was a mini-van miracle. That incidentally was the last time he threw up. He was fine afterward.

We were driving on a small 2 lane highway near the Missouri/Arkansas border when a small truck driving the other way inexplicably slammed on its breaks just as it was passing us. I don't know if the driver fell asleep or blew out a tire or what. But they slammed on their breaks as they passed us going the other way, then spun around several times down the center of the 2 lane road right behind us. We looked in the rear view/turned our heads just in time to see the truck pulling a large trailer behind us swerve to attempt to avoid an accident. He swerved right off the side causing the trailer to fly off into the ditch, roll over several times with wood pallets or something exploding off in all directions while the trailer detached from the truck...which slammed directly into the little truck that had started the whole thing by spinning around in circles down the center of the road. It was awful, like you would see in a movie. I tried to look up the accident when we got home convinced that it was impossible that someone wasn't badly injured or killed, but couldn't find any information on it. I'll probably wonder about that forever. The accident was right at the end of a construction area full of workers and right in front of a farmhouse, so since we had no medical background, there didn't seem to be any logical reason to stop with all the people right at the scene. So, the point is...we got lucky. I hope not to see anything like that again, ever.

And that brings our summer 2010 insane summer road trip to an end. Hopefully I haven't lost you all by forcing you to read a day by day accounting of our entire trip. But honestly, if I don't write it out here, all of these things would be lost in time. This is the only place I write things down. Hope you're still awake! Next up...the kids go back to school Monday!

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