Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Right Now at Our House...

I should be putting them down for nap, or in Leia's case "resting time". I think they've secretly figured out that if they are playing together like angels at 1pm, I will be unable to muster the firmness to put them in their beds.Sometimes after a long morning of preschool, a girl just needs to pull out her ponytail and throw down a sandwich and some very red cherry limeade, kick back and play pirates and mermaids.

P.S. This pirate ship has been seeing a lot of action lately. Does anyone know where we can get some replacement parts or add ons? We've added a couple of bath toy mermaids, but we could use more people, and some cannon ball replacements.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cleopatra costume is DONE! Custom made for an adorable little 40 inch tall blondie. Go me. You will die when you see the cuteness. Leia "helped" make it. It took about 6 hours. The girls are each helping make their own costumes. 2 down, 2 to go. Thank you Xander, for saving Mama's sanity by choosing an instant costume. I expect Juli's to only take 3-4 hours to modify. Bella's is going to be an extensive project. Luckily she has serious artistic skills and can genuinely help.

I thought that I had lost my mind while standing in the fabric department of Hobby Lobby yesterday morning holding 10 bolts of fabric, 3 costume sketches, and a basket full of miscellany. The lady cutting my fabric made me feel a lot better with a little speech about how "most kids do not get this kind of attention and effort from their parents." Followed by a little, "you are making memories with them that will last a lifetime". And closing with some nonsense about how I should start a business making costumes. LOL, as if anyone would want my costumes rigged up mostly with hot glue, and pins, with some stitching thrown in when absolutely necessary. I...don' But thanks for your awesome support of my craftiness and parenting skills Hobby Lobby fabric department lady. I appreciate your support!

Don't ask me how many hours I've logged on my timesheet for my actual little job this week. Okay, I'll tell you...ZERO. Apparently I like to take a very loose interpretation of my 10 hour/week target. I think I'm subconsciously playing chicken with the office staff to cut me so that I don't have to go through the effort of quitting. I hate quitting. Probably not the best strategy.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Halloween Costumes

Why do some of my children insist on choosing Halloween costumes that don't exist...cough Bella...cough? I feel like every year I'm scrambling to use my limited sewing skills and ingenuity to create costume magic. This year Bella chose yet another un-buyable costume. Julianne chose a character that only has 1 costume option for sale which appears to be poorly made and overpriced (meaning I need to rig something better up myself). Leia became completely obsessed with the idea of being Cleopatra, which I figured I might as well make myself since I'm already putting together the other girls outfits. Xander, answered the Halloween question in the most predictable fashion ever by exclaiming..."STEWBIE" (Scooby). That was an easy one, ordered and done in 5 minutes.

I ended up ordering 2 really cheap (like $20 each shipped) floor length flower girl dresses for B&J that I am going to use as a base to add on all the necessary additions to match the characters in question. Needless to say I will be hitting the Hobby Lobby hard today. Since the base dress for Cleopatra is so simple, I think I can wing it by cutting down one of the full length white slips that I've got laying around here, accessorized to the max.

Here are my inspiration photos for this year...

It is ALWAYS Bella with the costumes that don't exist, Princess Zelda

Friday, September 24, 2010

I'm baaaaack

We're finally back! Why is it that 4 days away from my kids feels like 2 weeks? I was READY to come home yesterday from my tag along with Daniel to Boston trip. I did not take as many pictures as I should have. For some reason when the kids aren't around I don't feel nearly so snap happy. I'll be back later with a trip post. I think I can squeeze it into one, what with the lack of photos and all, lol.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Potty Training

Look who's potty training! That's right people. Potty round. I wasn't in any hurry to train this guy, but he's kind of steering this ship since he doesn't like to have a single drop of pee in his diaper EVER. Potty training a boy has been different. I'm thankful to all those people who told me to put him on the potty backwards when he's training. It works great. Since I'm not a hard core potty trainer who does it in like a one week time frame, I expect this training business to last a couple of months. That is if the first 3 rounds of training are any indication. He wears unders (our family's word for underwear) when he is home and awake, pullups when we are out or he is asleep.
We had playgroup at our house one day last week. Aren't they cute? The little girl in front hates my kitchen table, it's too high and makes her really nervous.

Xander wants to go to "school" every day that Leia goes to school, which makes Wednesdays unpleasant around here. He'll throw himself around on the floor, asking "Why? Why?!" he doesn't get to go to school. He does not really appreciate that he gets my undivided attention. He just wants more people around. Must be a 4th child thing. We usually go to storytime at the library, which bores him for some reason. He's in for a rude awakening next year when sisters are all gone, all 5 days. I'm going to have to either start a co-op preschool again, or put him in a 3 year old pre-k class.
I think that we should change the title of this blog to something like, Phone Love Affair, or Erika Steps into the Future. Because clearly I have nothing more pressing to talk about than every new app that I fall in love with. It's never ending kid coverage and phone love around the blog lately, and that is all.

But seriously people, I just went looking for a to do list app, because I'm not satisfied with the little post it note one that was preloaded. Let it be noted that I have still not paid for any apps, I'm currently only trying out free ones...because that's how I roll. I'm sure I'll find a paid one that entices me eventually. But anywho, I tried out the Taskos free app, because I wanted a simple to do list. OH...MY...GOSH. I open the app, talk out loud, and the freaking to do list writes itself. No joke. I feel like I'm living in an episode of the Jetsons.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Calorie Counter

I know that I tend to go on...and on...and on about things. I have to say though, I'm still madly in love with my new phone. I put the Calorie Counter app (it's free by the way) on it today. It's madness...MADNESS! It takes like 2 seconds to put in my exercise and everything I eat. It scans bar codes and everything. Tells me my remaining balance of calories for the day at a glance, gives me the info for any restaurant, and I know I already said this...but the BAR CODE scanning is just too fun. I can't believe how quick, easy, and fun it is to log this info. You put in your weight, goal weight, and other vital info and it calculates your personal calorie requirements. Say goodbye 8 pounds that is stuck on my belly...this little app has now turned exercise and healthy eating into a fun game. I'll let you know how it goes. For exercise I've been doing a 30 day shred, running/walking combo. 30 day shred M/W/F, running Tues/Thurs. I'm considering getting the new Jillian Michaels: Shred-It With Weights. Has anyone tried it?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sunday Morning

Xander hitting the morning cup of milk with Monkey and Cow on Sunday Morning. He wasn't in the mood for church, or the lady with the camera photographing him in his orange and blue shirt. Go Gators!

Green Smoothie

I decided to experiment a little with the idea of green smoothies. I started with doing fresh and frozen fruit and yogurt (which I do regularly as a smoothie) but then I added about 25% fresh spinach (technically I blended the spinach first with a little water to get it very smoothly blended, then added the rest). I added a TINY bit of brown sugar (like 1T maybe), because I haven't had time to go pick up an alternative sweetener yet at whole foods. I didn't really think the kids were going to go for it. I thought that they would detect the greenish hue and be like , "What the heck is wrong with this smoothie?!" So I just poured some in a big cup and let them all taste it. You can see from the photo evidence that it was surprisingly popular. I'm amazed they didn't notice any difference from the normal fruit and yogurt smoothies that I make. I decided not to bring up the change in recipe unless they asked about it...which they didn't.

Friday, September 3, 2010

I had to hold this adorable little person down today at her 4 year checkup while she got 5 shots, and a flu-mist. I hate how many vaccines they get these days. Luckily the Dr promised she is done until age 11. Did I mention her brother was running around the room like a monkey on crack while the exam was going on? Seriously, like a monkey...on...crack. Then he dropped a stink bomb in his diaper. I should have left him with Grammy.I'm still traumatized from having to torture her like that. She's still a little bit mad at me about the shots. She's working the leg pain angle hard. Perhaps you haven't seen her infamous double dimple. She's had it since birth and we're hoping it stays. Everyone is powerless against the double dimple, it's like kryptonite. Sigh. I hate taking them to the doctor. B&J have checkups next week. Maybe I can convince Daniel to take them. If I remember correctly, Bella almost punched the nurse out during her 4 year shots. It was hilarious.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Toy for Me Review

I got a surprise birthday present from Daniel yesterday...via Amazon...via the UPS guy. Isn't she pretty? Granted he's been threatening to get this for me for a few weeks and I have been staunchly opposed to having to change from my old number (I've had a prepaid T-mobile number for 4 years and they can't be changed over to phones with a regular contract...lame). And staunchly opposed to buying a new phone (he was threatening originally to buy an unlocked one with no contract and those are ridiculously expensive). I also just got a phone last year for my birthday (thanks mom and dad) which was unlocked, but had a really frustrating operating system for me to operate, windows mobile. Daniel is taking my old phone by the way, he can operate things that seem counter-intuitive to me without a problem. His number isn't changing, he's just putting his SIM card in my old phone.

I signed up for a Google phone number and am using it as my new cell number so that I don't ever have to change my cell number again in this type of cell changing incident. If you are my facebook friend or my email contact you probably got the new number. Daniel talked me into starting fresh with a personal number that I can keep. He talks me into a lot if you haven't noticed. He's stubborn and cute, it's a deadly combination. But I digress.

Of course I couldn't resist picking out a new dress for my new phone. They had me at Argyle...

So, I stayed up too late putting all kinds of fun apps on my new toy and telling Daniel 100 times that "I LOVE THIS THING!" and now I'm tired.

P.S. When I called Daniel to tell him that he got a box from Amazon. He said, "It's actually a box for you." To which I said, "If it's a $500 phone that I specifically asked you NOT to buy me, I'm going to kick your butt." To which he said, "It wasn't $500 but I guess I better get my butt lubed up and ready for kicking." This is a typical exchange in our relationship, and now it's documented on the we've got that going for us.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Today was the first official day of preschool for Leia. We had meet the teacher yesterday. There are 10 children in the class, 1 of which she already had a friendship with. She seemed to have a good day. I have to say though that having her gone 3 hours/day is going to be weird. Even if it is only 3 days/week (Tues/Wed/Thur). She was very ready to start going to real school though. She's only asked me everyday for a year when she can go to the big school with Bella and Julianne. So, this is a step in the right direction. She tells everyone who will listen that she is 4 years old now. She knows that 5 means she gets to go to the big school.

She was very excited about the Scooby backpack (she picked out on Amazon...we start them online shopping early in this house, lol) and the "Moo-corn" lunchbox that she takes her snack in. Yes, we know it's a horse and not a unicorn...but don't try to tell her that. I love this girl. She's such a little firecracker.
It's still so hot here that the big mirrored wall in her little classroom was all steamed up from having the door open for drop off, as you can see.