Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Green Smoothie

I decided to experiment a little with the idea of green smoothies. I started with doing fresh and frozen fruit and yogurt (which I do regularly as a smoothie) but then I added about 25% fresh spinach (technically I blended the spinach first with a little water to get it very smoothly blended, then added the rest). I added a TINY bit of brown sugar (like 1T maybe), because I haven't had time to go pick up an alternative sweetener yet at whole foods. I didn't really think the kids were going to go for it. I thought that they would detect the greenish hue and be like , "What the heck is wrong with this smoothie?!" So I just poured some in a big cup and let them all taste it. You can see from the photo evidence that it was surprisingly popular. I'm amazed they didn't notice any difference from the normal fruit and yogurt smoothies that I make. I decided not to bring up the change in recipe unless they asked about it...which they didn't.

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