Saturday, September 25, 2010

Halloween Costumes

Why do some of my children insist on choosing Halloween costumes that don't exist...cough Bella...cough? I feel like every year I'm scrambling to use my limited sewing skills and ingenuity to create costume magic. This year Bella chose yet another un-buyable costume. Julianne chose a character that only has 1 costume option for sale which appears to be poorly made and overpriced (meaning I need to rig something better up myself). Leia became completely obsessed with the idea of being Cleopatra, which I figured I might as well make myself since I'm already putting together the other girls outfits. Xander, answered the Halloween question in the most predictable fashion ever by exclaiming..."STEWBIE" (Scooby). That was an easy one, ordered and done in 5 minutes.

I ended up ordering 2 really cheap (like $20 each shipped) floor length flower girl dresses for B&J that I am going to use as a base to add on all the necessary additions to match the characters in question. Needless to say I will be hitting the Hobby Lobby hard today. Since the base dress for Cleopatra is so simple, I think I can wing it by cutting down one of the full length white slips that I've got laying around here, accessorized to the max.

Here are my inspiration photos for this year...

It is ALWAYS Bella with the costumes that don't exist, Princess Zelda

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Brooke said...

Wow! Good luck. Good thing you're naturally creative. I remember how good the costumes turned out last year. My biggest challenge will be Brielle. She wants to be a dragon! But at least there are dragon costumes.