Friday, September 3, 2010

I had to hold this adorable little person down today at her 4 year checkup while she got 5 shots, and a flu-mist. I hate how many vaccines they get these days. Luckily the Dr promised she is done until age 11. Did I mention her brother was running around the room like a monkey on crack while the exam was going on? Seriously, like a monkey...on...crack. Then he dropped a stink bomb in his diaper. I should have left him with Grammy.I'm still traumatized from having to torture her like that. She's still a little bit mad at me about the shots. She's working the leg pain angle hard. Perhaps you haven't seen her infamous double dimple. She's had it since birth and we're hoping it stays. Everyone is powerless against the double dimple, it's like kryptonite. Sigh. I hate taking them to the doctor. B&J have checkups next week. Maybe I can convince Daniel to take them. If I remember correctly, Bella almost punched the nurse out during her 4 year shots. It was hilarious.

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