Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Potty Training

Look who's potty training! That's right people. Potty round. I wasn't in any hurry to train this guy, but he's kind of steering this ship since he doesn't like to have a single drop of pee in his diaper EVER. Potty training a boy has been different. I'm thankful to all those people who told me to put him on the potty backwards when he's training. It works great. Since I'm not a hard core potty trainer who does it in like a one week time frame, I expect this training business to last a couple of months. That is if the first 3 rounds of training are any indication. He wears unders (our family's word for underwear) when he is home and awake, pullups when we are out or he is asleep.
We had playgroup at our house one day last week. Aren't they cute? The little girl in front hates my kitchen table, it's too high and makes her really nervous.

Xander wants to go to "school" every day that Leia goes to school, which makes Wednesdays unpleasant around here. He'll throw himself around on the floor, asking "Why? Why?!" he doesn't get to go to school. He does not really appreciate that he gets my undivided attention. He just wants more people around. Must be a 4th child thing. We usually go to storytime at the library, which bores him for some reason. He's in for a rude awakening next year when sisters are all gone, all 5 days. I'm going to have to either start a co-op preschool again, or put him in a 3 year old pre-k class.

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Suzy Q said...

I could tell with out even zooming in on the picture that she was NOT happy with the seating arrangments. I'm just glad it was a fear of the table and not something else. That girl cracks me up! You should just let Percy run amuck during snack time. That'd bring a smile to her face. :) I bet she'd love the high seats then. No, totally kidding, she'd probably freak out even worse.