Saturday, October 2, 2010

Boston Conference Trip

I accompanied Daniel on work trip to attend/speak at a conference in Boston last week. Grammy held the fort while we were gone. (Side note: I recently learned that the correct expression should be held the fort, not held down the fort, if you can trust the YouTube video that I was watching of course...I watch a lot of strange things for work)
(View from our hotel room)
I did not take very many pictures sadly. I was enjoying my freedom, and carrying my big camera with me at all times on every trip so that I can capture the fleeting childhood moments of my not relaxing. So, I tend to slack off on the photos when they aren't with me.

(Front of the Boston Public Library)
We arrived on Sunday night, took a cab to the hotel, checked in, then ran next door to PF Changs to grab dinner before everything closed (it was almost 10pm). On Monday morning, Daniel's conference attendance pass had some kind of problem and he had to wait for a lady back at work to fix the problem, so he went on the Freedom Trail walking tour with me in the morning. It was great, but I killed my hip joints for the week walking like 6 miles in bad shoes.
(Church whose name I've forgotten at this point)
There were so many cool graves. I think the inscription on this one was my favorite though.

Don't remember the name of this building, but the Boston Massacre happened basically right in front of it. I love the unicorn on the top.
Paul Revere's tomb
John Hancock Memorial

Our tour guide

After our tour, Daniel had gotten his conference attendance issue resolved, so he headed back to the hotel. I walked a very slow and meandering path back. Partially because I wanted to see a few things, partially because my hips were killing me, partially because the GPS on my phone is crap when it comes to tracking walking directions. I ate a delicious burger and fries at a place called B Goode's. They had pictures of the local farmers who provided the beef, potatoes, seasonal veggies etc for the restaurant on the walls. I also stopped in the Boston Common to sit for awhile on my journey back.

Monday was my 32nd birthday...yikes...I went out to dinner with Daniel and some random co-workers of his, to a place called Skip Jacks, or something like that. It was pretty good. I was embarrassed to be sung to by complete strangers instead of my kids. It was weird.

Tuesday I mostly hung around the Prudential center and the hotel room all day. I reviewed Daniel's slides for typos and glaring grammar errors. Not that I am not the queen of casual writing with no respect to rules. Daniel and I went to a substandard Uno's grill for a quick dinner and then went to see Wicked at the Boston Opera House. I really liked it. Daniel thought it was okay/mildly enjoyable. We walked to and from the Opera House instead of taking a cab, because we were clearly insane. It was another 3+ miles of heels and a skirt that kept blowing up in the wind.

Wednesday, I did some more reading and hanging around the immediate area of the hotel during the day. Daniel managed to convince me to go out with the co-workers again that evening. We took cabs to Charlestown. The restaurant that they wanted to go to had a long wait so we ate at a different Italian place whose name I can't remember. I had good eggplant parmesan. At 32 years old I went to a bar for the first time. The group had a hard time believing that that was possible. They wanted to go to Cheers, and we didn't want to be downers and ditch them, so I sat at Cheers and drank a Diet Coke. When we left there, most of them were heading to yet another bar, so we decided to head back to the hotel.

Thursday morning Daniel went to one last session of his conference, we picked up some souvenirs for the kids and then headed back to the airport and headed home.

And that my my trip summary. 2 trips sans kids in 1 was CRAZY! We were batting 1 trip sans kids every 5 years before 2010. They are growing up a little.

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Melissa said...

Good for you both to get away, even if a little work was happening in between. A few days don't hurt and usually they are a little more appreciative when you come back.