Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Ninja

The Ninja - by Bella

My family started driving to Six Flags. When we got there my dad took me and my sister to a roller coaster called the Ninja. I asked my dad if it went upsidedown. My dad said it didn't and at first I believed him. Soon a woman told us which lane to go into. We looked over and found the lane. It had rust on the bars. "Ew" I shrieked. My sister didn't look too happy either. The gate opened and we climbed inside the carts. They looked uneven and dirty. The damp bumpy bars shined. Then we started to move. We were jolted down the hill. "Ah" I screamed. My stomach dropped. I saw tracks ahead. They twisted upsidedown. Panic rose up inside me as we whipped around corners. But what could I do? So I did what comes naturally as we approached the tracks, I screamed my head off of course! My dads glasses were rapidly slipping off his face. When I was sure the last of it was over I yelled "You said it didn't go upsidedown!" I roared. "Sorry I didn't know." he yelled back.

I shakily climbed out, my legs were wobbling. "That was horrible" I croaked. My dad laughed and we walked off to meet my mom, brother, and littlest sister. So that is why I will never forget that terrifying ride.

*Good job providing fodder for our kids' writing assignments Daniel.


Suzy Q said...

Awesome! She really wrote that? Awesome! Kids crack me up.

Erika said...

It came home in the Tuesday folder, lol. I think it was TAKS practice.

Retep Graybeard said...

It's a good story. I look forward to doing that to my kids.

emilyw said...

That's amazing writing skills, Bella!! Way to go!