Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

Friday night was pumpkin carving night here. We carved 4 pumpkins this year. We all used patterns except Bella. She decided to go with her own vision, lol. :) Left to right, Bella's carved solo, Julianne's with Daniel's assistance, Xander's carved entirely by me (he was NOT into pumpkins this year), and Leia's with assistance from me.
This picture was the extent of Xander's cooperation with pumpkins. The face says it all. I believe his exact words were "I NOT doing this."
What can I say, he's his father's son. Daniel hates pumpkin guts too. Wimps.
Bella and Juli were troopers and did their own gutting. We are women, hear us roar. In this house we are definitely numbers too big to ignore.
A very unflattering picture of me helping Leia. Only posting it on the blog because it is a cute picture of her. Vanity be darned. ;-)

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Angie said...

The sacrifices we make as mothers are endless! (: