Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Silly Hat Day

It was silly hat day at school today. I was quite pleased with myself for being on the ball this year. The past few years I haven't done the best job of remembering these things. I blame it on the babies. :) Yesterday was crazy sock day, which we also totally nailed with some knee high Belle and Cheshire Cat socks from the Target dollar spot. Go us!Xander has been refusing to nap all week and is driving me completely insane with the non stop requests for my undivided attention. Luckily Bella saved my sanity by reading him his requested story, the Poky Little Puppy...repeatedly...despite the fact that he insists on calling her "Chuli". He calls all 3 of his sisters "Chuli". He's only right 1/3 of the time. Oh Poky Little Puppy, you make me miss the days of reading the same Care Bear book to Bella 17 times a day, circa 2003. I hate the Poky Little Puppy.

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Leslie said...

oh my gosh, i hate that book, too! i finally just threw it out one day, it's so annoying. :)