Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving guys. It's been crazy busy around here the past 2 weeks. I put in an insane number of hours at work last week by staying up till around midnight each night to squeeze them in. Well insane for me since I normally only work 10 hours a week and I did 30 last week. There was a large bonus involved, so it wasn't just because I am a dedicated worker, lol. I am taking this week off though...and boy did I need the recovery time. All 4 kids had dental appointments on Monday! Guess who did that stellar bit of scheduling? Let's just say it wasn't me...and it was a long day. I should say dental insurance is a wonderful thing. Bella, Jules and I went to see Harry Potter this morning. It was crazy crowded for 10am. I'm currently putting a series of pies and brownies through the oven in an attempt to be ready for the big day tomorrow. Our Thanksgiving started out with just us and my parents/brother, but has grown into a bit larger affair. We're thankful for the opportunity to host though and think it will be great fun. The kids are looking forward to having so many cousins/friends to play with instead of just adults.

In preparation to host I had Daniel go last Saturday and pick up a new TV for the family room because ours had developed several long annoying lines on the right side. I swear things just aren't built to last more than 3-5 years nothing. So, he went to get diapers and a tv and came home 4 hours later with a monstrosity significantly larger than the old 42" tv. This required the purchase of a new bracket, because the old bracket wasn't built to hold a 55" tv. Guess who got to help him lift the darn thing up above the fireplace? That's I wasn't built to lift 55" TV's. I'm less than 62 inches tall. Again, thankful for the new tv, not thankful for the increase in my perpetual back pain.

Well, I had better get started on peeling potatoes, making cucumber salad and spinach dip. I find preparation the day before Thanksgiving to be the key to not going crazy on the actual day. That should leave me with a totally reasonable number of tasks to accomplish tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving everybody. Hope you have a great one!

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