Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Our Christmas lights are officially up and lit. I think that's a new record. We are usually a bit slow about getting outside lights up, but we have an abbreviated amount of time to get things done this year.
We did stick to our annual tradition of putting up the tree on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Daniel sets it up. I put on the lights, and the kids do the ornaments. Xander had no interest in the tree (he napped through most of the decorating). Of course Daniel and I rearrange the ornaments to get some up on the top. It's perfectly imperfect with all kinds of crazy ornaments from handmade by the kids over the years, to my own childhood ornaments, to all the more recent gifted ornaments from grandmas and whatnot. We have an equal opportunity tree, we take all ornaments here.
Bella ended up coming down with a fever within an hour of finishing the tree.
This year was Leia's turn to put the star on. She did not like the height at all, but stuck it out despite the look of terror on her face.