Sunday, December 26, 2010

Life is busy...

Let me distract you from the lack of updates with this photo of Percy from yesterday. Leia "made" him a Christmas outfit with a bow and tissue paper. He's such a good sport. I should say, she originally made it for Zack (Grammy's dog), but he doesn't DO dress up.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Magical Moment

Disney moments like these are priceless. I randomly decided to stop and grab a quick picture, the photographer took my camera from me so Daniel could get in the picture and BAM! 3 seconds later...fireworks. She warned the kids to keep looking at her because fireworks were about to go off behind them.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's time for our Annual Elf Yourself

I just wish that the limit was 6-7 instead of 5. Oh well.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Stuff Leia says...

It never stops with that one. "Hey Percy...WAIT...I'm not gonna poke you, I just want to see how this clip looks in your fur." He was not going to participate with that plan.

Ballerina inspired outfit...long boring story that could be used as evidence against my sanity.

The look on this face...totally worth the 5 hours I'll never get back.
Leia has a ballet themed party to attend on Saturday. She actually has 2 birthday parties and our church Christmas party to attend on Saturday...but let's not even think about that right now. We're normally not that busy. Anywho, I realized despite our large collection of costumes, we have nothing suitable to "dress as a ballerina". And so began the snowball effect that is every little idea I ever have.

It went like this...
-I'll just throw together a quick "no-sew" tutu for Leia to wear to the party. Look up a quick tutorial, no problem.
-Hey, maybe I should make 2 of them so that I can give one to the birthday girl as part of her gift. Pat myself on the back for my 2 in 1 idea.
-Stop by Hobby Lobby, grab enough tulle and ribbon to make 2 tutu's (and buy a decorative owl that I fell in love with as I walked to and from the fabric section, 50% off...I'm nothing if not ALL OVER THE PLACE mentally as evidenced by this blog).
-Suddenly remember my new found passion for Wonder Under that developed while making the Princess Zelda costume. Decide it would be so cute to make appliqued shirts to go with the tutus (been wanting to try it). Then the gift for the birthday girl would be complete and not need another component.
-Remind myself that my sewing skills are nearly non existent. Think about Karate Kid quote, "It ok lose to opponent! Must not lose to fear!" Laugh at myself for such dramatic thoughts about a possible sewing failure.
-Grab 1/4 yard of cute pink paisley fabric.
-Run to Kohl's to grab 2 plain shirts. Find the plainest ones in the store, though not as fitted and plain as I had hoped, conveniently located on the clearance rack for $5. Pat self on back again for checking clearance rack.
-Fast forward...spend nap time making 2 tutu's. Easy peasy.
-Call Daniel and ask him to stop at the sewing store and try and find a zig zag presser foot for my sewing machine on his way home. Apparently the zig zag stich is ideal for going over the applique says the internet...and my current machine is having none of it without a different presser foot.
-Daniel comes home unsuccessful.
-Fast forward to 9pm...Start working on the shirts. Curse myself for the decision to try to put their names on the shirts because the internet clearly told me that large simple shapes were most suitable for applique, and I ignored that suggestion...despite my lack of sewing skills.
-10:30pm...Daniel goes into the garage and miraculously comes back in with a presser foot from my old broken machine (I'm guessing) that works with the zig zag stitch setting. I freak out and kiss him all over his face for saving me in my sewing distress. I was a little hopped up on craft insanity and the diet coke I drank at dinner.
-Do a mediocre job stitching around the names on the 2 shirts. Too many curves to go around.
-Midnight...FINISHED! Pat myself on the back again. They're not perfect, but they aren't half bad for a first attempt. Also, not too shabby for a project that took one nap time and one late night's effort.

Cinnamon Ornaments

We tried our hand at some cinnamon ornaments on Monday night. They were a fun and easy activity though Leia did say "I keep smelling a HORRIBLE smell." You can always count on Leia to be a stick in the mud during things like this. So if you want to try it... just mix up 1 cup of cinnamon, 1 T nutmeg, 3/4 cup applesauce and 2 T of glue together. Knead it like dough. Roll it out 1/4 inch thick and cut with cookie cutters. They take a couple of days to dry (remember to flip them over a few times to speed up drying. We may try our hand at adding some paint when they are dry. Photos courtesy of Bella.
Stay tuned for another project that I stayed up too late making last night. I think they turned out really cute though. I just need Leia to come home from school and pose in it for me.