Monday, January 24, 2011

Vintage Star Wars Bathroom

I don't need to tell you...we're kind of nerdy around here. My girls are all about Star Wars (let's just say they get it from Daniel...though I could be blamed for passing on my own set of nerdy passions). So anyway, their bathroom upstairs needs some serious help and I am working on a little Vintage Star Wars overhaul for it. I think it will be a fun theme, and since our upstairs is like the abyss (though I am working on that), I'm not too particular about the way things look up there, as long as the kids like it. I currently have 2 things to work with, and need to choose a paint color. If you are a paint savant...feel free to throw out a suggestion. Remember it is a girls bathroom, so the idea is to steer toward a more feminine or gender neutral feel.

So I have acquired this vintage sheet set (flat sheet, top sheet and pillowcase). The flat sheet will become a simple shower curtain, the other stuff is extra material.The only other thing I currently have is this small reproduction poster.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rodeo Art Contest

Bella's picture from her art class was chosen to go to the district finals for some kind of Rodeo Art Show. The winners from the district I think go to the actual Rodeo, but hers just went to the district level. We went over to see it and take a picture. Congratulations Bella! :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

New Years Eve

Okay one last post and we are done with 2010! Yay!

We decided to host a little New Years Eve party this year. It usually takes place at a friend's house, but I decided to be polite this year and offer to take a turn hosting. There was snacking, Wii dancing, laughing, and a boatload of kids running around. We celebrate the new year at 10pm though, for the sake of the little people. It is midnight somewhere! Here are a the photos.

The game that we were playing was Just Dance 2, brought over by a friend for the party. We had 2 Wii's set up so that the kids could play other games on the 2nd system in the front room when they weren't dancing. Of course after all that fun we immediately went out on Jan 1 and bought the game. Julianne really wanted to dance, but wasn't going to do it in front of 30 people. Here she is getting her groove on.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Christmas 2010

(Hot Wheels stunt track of some kind with robots, and Playmobile pirate set)
We had a pretty low key Christmas since we got back from our trip on the 23rd. It was quite enjoyable. These photos of the kids are from their Christmas Eve Secret Sibling gift exchange. Bella got Julianne, Julianne got Leia, Leia got Xander, and Xander got Bella this year. They draw names for this annually. We did our traditional scripture reading, etc on Christmas Eve and had personal pizzas and Reindeer punch. I somehow have no photographic evidence of this though.
2 different Etch a Sketches (regular and glowing). Our crispy dry tree!

B- 2 new novels that Daniel helped Xander choose
J- Paperoni, silly bandz, a purple Barbie

I don't have any Christmas morning photos because we always set up the video camera on a tripod and let it run on Christmas I'm not good about snapping photos during the craziness. The rest of these photos are from Christmas Day at Grammy and Grampy's house. The kids are getting a swing set for the backyard from them, but of course they each still had one personal gift to open from them this year. We really kept the influx of junk to a minimum this year with the Disney trip and the swing set being the large gifts of the year.

Grammy made a fancy beef tenderloin of some sort again this year. It was SO GOOD. It seems to be fast becoming a Christmas tradition for us. Xander loved his new garbage truck...but he unexpectedly threw up right before this, so he is not in the best mood. He is also wearing his Uncle's shirt while his was getting washed.

Percy opening his presents and wearing a wrapping paper dress fashioned by Leia.

A blur of fur. Grammy and her baby...and her feisty Grand-dog.
This series of photos amuses me so much...I had to post them. Uncle J and Leia Christmas Day.

Friday, January 14, 2011

3rd annual CCC

Despite the fact that I took essentially NO PICTURES of it, we did have our 3rd annual Cousin Christmas Crafts night again this year. Blame the lack of photographs on the event taking place immediately following our return from Disney. We were SO TIRED. But we had fun nonetheless. This years crafts included beaded and sequined foam ball ornaments, popsicle stick glitter snowflakes, and the big project...tie dyed shirts. It turned out that Uncle P is a tie dye savant. They turned out really nicely. The kids all had I declare the event a success. Will there be a 4th annual CCC? Only time will tell. We don't plan on going anywhere. :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Want to hear about random minutiae of my life? NO?! Well why are you here then?

So...we've had a sock situation festering around here for a long time. Which I almost entirely resolved sometime in the last year by instituting the sock basket in the laundry room. When I do laundry, I just fold all the kids socks and place them in one small basket on top of the dryer. It works because they never put on socks until they are about to walk out the door, and used to have to go back to their rooms to get socks. It also works because the 2 big kids share socks often and so do the 2 little they might as well be all together in one place (it helps keep one person's drawer from getting totally full of socks while another person's is empty). Anyway...a win/win...I'm a domestic genius...I pat myself on the back. The only problem is, the sock bucket is always overflowing, and the kids are always peeling off their socks when they get home and dropping them all over the laundry room floor or throwing them on top of the washing machine randomly. So, it often looks like a sock explosion, which only draws more clutter to the area.

The other problem...It inexplicably drives Daniel crazy. They are not his socks, and he is a generally disorderly person anyway. But lets not get started on his pet peeves. I could write 3 pages about his hatred of glitter...the herpes of craft supplies. But I digress. After one of his usual tantrums about "Why can't they keep their socks in their drawers like adults?" this morning...I decided it would be easier to tweak the current system (which the kids and I are both happy with by the way) to make it perfect than have to explain to a judge why I was suing for divorce over sock related irreconcilable differences. I took a photo with my phone in case anyone out there on the interwebz with a bunch of kids could benefit from the trial and error that brought me to this sock nirvana. You're welcome. :)Baskets came from the dollar store. 5 baskets = $5 = cheaper than a divorce attorney. I divided the one overflowing basket into 2 separate ones for the bigs and littles. I think all 3 girls grasp the concept of dirty socks go in I just need to keep picking Xander's up off the floor for a little while longer. I noticed it already has socks in it since they got home from school and peeled them off as usual. So, I'm going to declare the tweaking a success. The laundry room sock war may at last be over. It seriously looks like a sock graveyard in there most of the time. There is even a bigger basket in the back for socks with lost matches and other items needing repair. I swear I'm not crazy...I just hate excessive clutter and I have 4 CHILDREN, I have to find a happy medium.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Disney & Universal Studios December 2010

The idea of blogging the major points of the last month when I'm this far behind is totally overwhelming. I don't even want to think about it. However, if I don't start...I may quit blogging forever. So we'll start with the first item...our Disney/Universal trip

I have to say that traveling is getting much more pleasant now that we don't have infants anymore. I'm loving it. We pulled the girls out of school a couple of days early and headed to Florida to attempt to beat the crazy Christmas crowds. The hundreds of pictures that I took are overwhelming, so a slide show seems like the best way to post a good portion of them here.
We left home very early in the morning on December 15th and returned home very late at night on December 22nd. We spent 2 days at Universal Islands of Adventure, 1 day at Universal Studios, 1 day at the Magic Kingdom (plus one extra night), 1 day at Epcot, and 1 day split between Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. We normally do Disney only, so this trip was heavy on the Universal side, since the kids had never been there and we had awesome front of the line access and could walk or take the water taxi over to Universal from our resort. We had 2 adjoining rooms at the Loews Royal Pacific, which was a nice change from squishing our large family into 1 room. I don't know that I could go back to doing that again now that I've done it with 2 rooms.

The kids had fun, as you might expect...though Xander and Leia were experiencing some ride phobia this time, which was new for them. I don't know what Xander would have claimed as his favorite ride, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say probably Buzz Lightyear. Leia's favorite was Peter Pan, Bella's favorite attraction was the drawing class with a Disney animator (always her favorite) but Harry Potter ranked very highly also, and Julianne's favorite was a tie between Tower of Terror and Space Mountain (Rock n Roller Coaster taking 3rd)...what can I say?...she's an enigma...heart of a lion in the shell of a lamb.

We were able to meet up with some cousins that we rarely see for an evening while we were at the Magic Kingdom, so that was fun too. We're hoping that for our next trip Xander will be at least as tall as Leia is right now. That would really put our ride restrictions to a minimum. There were very few things that Leia was too small to ride. They are only 20 months apart in hopefully that will work out.

Here are a few (more like 56) photos highlighting yet another magical trip. WE LOVE DISNEY!!!

If you prefer to watch it with the may want to click here and then turn them on using the options tab. Turning them on here covers most of the photo.