Saturday, January 8, 2011

Disney & Universal Studios December 2010

The idea of blogging the major points of the last month when I'm this far behind is totally overwhelming. I don't even want to think about it. However, if I don't start...I may quit blogging forever. So we'll start with the first item...our Disney/Universal trip

I have to say that traveling is getting much more pleasant now that we don't have infants anymore. I'm loving it. We pulled the girls out of school a couple of days early and headed to Florida to attempt to beat the crazy Christmas crowds. The hundreds of pictures that I took are overwhelming, so a slide show seems like the best way to post a good portion of them here.
We left home very early in the morning on December 15th and returned home very late at night on December 22nd. We spent 2 days at Universal Islands of Adventure, 1 day at Universal Studios, 1 day at the Magic Kingdom (plus one extra night), 1 day at Epcot, and 1 day split between Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. We normally do Disney only, so this trip was heavy on the Universal side, since the kids had never been there and we had awesome front of the line access and could walk or take the water taxi over to Universal from our resort. We had 2 adjoining rooms at the Loews Royal Pacific, which was a nice change from squishing our large family into 1 room. I don't know that I could go back to doing that again now that I've done it with 2 rooms.

The kids had fun, as you might expect...though Xander and Leia were experiencing some ride phobia this time, which was new for them. I don't know what Xander would have claimed as his favorite ride, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say probably Buzz Lightyear. Leia's favorite was Peter Pan, Bella's favorite attraction was the drawing class with a Disney animator (always her favorite) but Harry Potter ranked very highly also, and Julianne's favorite was a tie between Tower of Terror and Space Mountain (Rock n Roller Coaster taking 3rd)...what can I say?...she's an enigma...heart of a lion in the shell of a lamb.

We were able to meet up with some cousins that we rarely see for an evening while we were at the Magic Kingdom, so that was fun too. We're hoping that for our next trip Xander will be at least as tall as Leia is right now. That would really put our ride restrictions to a minimum. There were very few things that Leia was too small to ride. They are only 20 months apart in hopefully that will work out.

Here are a few (more like 56) photos highlighting yet another magical trip. WE LOVE DISNEY!!!

If you prefer to watch it with the may want to click here and then turn them on using the options tab. Turning them on here covers most of the photo.

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emilyw said...

These pics are great, Erica! We are hoping for a trip to Disney sometime this year. Great idea about Universal - Braedon totally loves Harry Potter. You guys really played it up - everyone looked so tired at the end of your slide show. :)