Monday, January 17, 2011

New Years Eve

Okay one last post and we are done with 2010! Yay!

We decided to host a little New Years Eve party this year. It usually takes place at a friend's house, but I decided to be polite this year and offer to take a turn hosting. There was snacking, Wii dancing, laughing, and a boatload of kids running around. We celebrate the new year at 10pm though, for the sake of the little people. It is midnight somewhere! Here are a the photos.

The game that we were playing was Just Dance 2, brought over by a friend for the party. We had 2 Wii's set up so that the kids could play other games on the 2nd system in the front room when they weren't dancing. Of course after all that fun we immediately went out on Jan 1 and bought the game. Julianne really wanted to dance, but wasn't going to do it in front of 30 people. Here she is getting her groove on.

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