Monday, January 24, 2011

Vintage Star Wars Bathroom

I don't need to tell you...we're kind of nerdy around here. My girls are all about Star Wars (let's just say they get it from Daniel...though I could be blamed for passing on my own set of nerdy passions). So anyway, their bathroom upstairs needs some serious help and I am working on a little Vintage Star Wars overhaul for it. I think it will be a fun theme, and since our upstairs is like the abyss (though I am working on that), I'm not too particular about the way things look up there, as long as the kids like it. I currently have 2 things to work with, and need to choose a paint color. If you are a paint savant...feel free to throw out a suggestion. Remember it is a girls bathroom, so the idea is to steer toward a more feminine or gender neutral feel.

So I have acquired this vintage sheet set (flat sheet, top sheet and pillowcase). The flat sheet will become a simple shower curtain, the other stuff is extra material.The only other thing I currently have is this small reproduction poster.


Angie said...

I think it could be really cute to do kind of a metallic silver/grey color. That is still girlie...then you can use silver soap dishes and such. Bling it up.

Suzy Q said...

I like the silver idea. Or you could shoot for a crazy in your face kind of yellow, like in my boys room. Yellow is pretty nutral and you can accent it with all the blues and silvers you want.