Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Coming along

The Star Wars bathroom is officially in progress. I did the shower curtain today. Just sewed a simple pocket in the top and put it on a separate rod slightly above and in front of the existing plastic liner on its rod. I bought some indigo blue towels (which are still in the dryer) and a fluffy rug. I now mainly need a paint color and a frame for the poster. It's a weird size.

Julianne turns 8

Julianne's birthday started the day before her birthday with her chosen birthday activities. We went as a family and her favorite friend joined us for the day. Aren't they cute? We went to see Yogi Bear in 3D (the kids kept laughing so they must have enjoyed it, Daniel and I tried to stay awake). We loaded up on deluxe and excessive snacks at the movies, which helped keep Xander from mutiny on the birthday. He is NOT A FAN of 3d glasses. After the movie, we went ice skating for a couple of hours. The big girls did surprisingly well. Juli skated her little heart out. Leia thought the coldness of the ice when she fell was a nightmare and cried any time she slipped and her hands touched it at all. She said it was burning her. Drama Mama. When our ice skating session ended we headed to the Outback for dinner. We were all exhausted by the time we finished eating, so that was the end of the birthday outing.

On her real birthday we had cake and presents at Grammy's. Well, cake and present technically. We had already taken her shopping the previous week to get a new bike, so she opened the purple digital camera which comprised the rest of her gift. Her favorite color is purple and I was thrilled to find a nice camera that was also a beautiful shade of purple. Grammy takes them each out on a birthday shopping date, which will happen as soon as we can coordinate a time that doesn't interfere with school and whatnot. As a bonus, it turns out that her camera also takes video, which I didn't realize when I bought it. I bought it for the color not the specs, lol. She has been having a lot of fun with it.
Cake 1 and Cake 2. She got 2 cakes this year. First cake at Grammy's house. We both forgot to buy/bring candles. And, there was no leftover cake at our house. So, I made her another one a few days later. Luckily now that the kids are getting bigger, I get a lot less cake each time I make one. That's a good thing for my gut.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm so cold, I want to cry. I know I am backed up on posting again. Namely, Julianne's 8th birthday. Good times...you'll just have to trust me on that until I get around to posting something about it.

The kids got out of school early today for a "winter weather" event. In Texas, anytime the temperature drops below 32 degrees, the weathermen start predicting a possible Snowpocalypse...by which they mean maybe an inch of snow...or maybe nothing...who can say really? We shall see.

It is 69 degrees in the house and we are all freezing. The girls just came downstairs to raid my linen closet for more blankets. I am alternating cooking a pot of chili, and shivering with my power block thingie from my laptop cord pressed against me for heat. It's like the nerd version of an electric blanket. Hopefully Daniel will remember to stop for Duraflame logs on the way home. If not we may freeze to death because we are wimpy and live in South Texas, and we obviously can't handle the winter weather event! Anyway, back to the chili pot.