Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm so cold, I want to cry. I know I am backed up on posting again. Namely, Julianne's 8th birthday. Good'll just have to trust me on that until I get around to posting something about it.

The kids got out of school early today for a "winter weather" event. In Texas, anytime the temperature drops below 32 degrees, the weathermen start predicting a possible which they mean maybe an inch of snow...or maybe nothing...who can say really? We shall see.

It is 69 degrees in the house and we are all freezing. The girls just came downstairs to raid my linen closet for more blankets. I am alternating cooking a pot of chili, and shivering with my power block thingie from my laptop cord pressed against me for heat. It's like the nerd version of an electric blanket. Hopefully Daniel will remember to stop for Duraflame logs on the way home. If not we may freeze to death because we are wimpy and live in South Texas, and we obviously can't handle the winter weather event! Anyway, back to the chili pot.


Angie said...

We have become Texas wusses too. What is wrong with us! I hope you have a duraflame log to keep you toasty...we miss seeing your faces!
Julie needs to come play again. Maybe tomorrow since there's no school.

Retep Graybeard said...

69 degrees is toasty! Ours is set at 60 and everybody complains but me.