Thursday, March 24, 2011


Trying to start catching up with the blog. Julianne's baptism was a success. I suppose as long as you end the day baptized, it's a success...but seriously, it went well. Daniel's mom flew out for the occasion. The cousins came, Aunt M and Uncle P spoke. Grammy and Grampy were there of course. All of the friends who we are closest to were there to support Jules...what more could you ask for? I suppose I could ask for better pictures, but I'm the picture taker, and did not have time to take many considering the fact that I was running around orchestrating everything, getting refreshments ready, etc. We went to her chosen restaurant, Gringo's, for dinner afterward. I put together a slide show of photos of Julianne growing up for the intermission/changing into dry clothes time that turned out well...if I don't say so myself. I wish that I had thought of it before Bella's baptism. I would put it here, but I'd have to hack it up to take out non-internet friendly information. So, if you weren't'll have to take my word for it.

I can't believe my little Juli-bean is 8 years old. It boggles my mind. She's such a sweet potato. Now if only I could get her to clean her room...But, I guess no one is perfect, and that's brings us right back to the reason we get baptized. We are so proud of her.

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