Monday, March 7, 2011

February came and went

February came and went with nary a post in sight. In a nutshell, Julianne turned 8 and was baptized (that is the minimum age of baptism in our church) yay! Pictures forthcoming...they are still on my camera. My mother in law came to town for 9 days. Daniel and I went away for a weekend in San Antonio. And...I decided to quit my job to lower the stress level around here. Daniel has been working so hard with a lot of time being spent on work stuff during his home hours for the last year...something had to give with 4 kids to keep alive and nurture. I decided to take one for the team and quit in the best interest of everyone. It wasn't rocket science since he makes literally 95% of our household income, and I was only working 10 hours/week at the most anyway (from home). So far so good. I'm much more relaxed, and everyone is happier because of my relaxation level. It wasn't that I was working a whole lot, but I was spending a whole lot of mental energy stressing about when I was going to squeeze in hours during nights/naps. And naps don't exist in my world anymore with an almost 3 and 4 year old at home. Some day when all the kids are in school, I'll get going on my own ambitions again. It's not that far off. In the meantime, I'm enjoying the tail end of my "kids at home all day" phase of life, and studying for the GRE so that I can go back to grad school in a couple of years. Math + Mom Brain = HARD

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