Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Break

Want to look fat? Get your photo taken with your 27 pound kid while wearing swimwear and wet slicked down hair to accentuate your round face. But alas, there is one picture of me from spring break and this is it. P.S. What is with the hand, he rests it there ALL THE TIME. I'm not going to have any photos of him and I that don't involve boobage.

Spring break was several weeks ago and in an uncharacteristic move I didn't bring my real camera anywhere except Schlitterbahn. I do have some phone pictures that I'll add at the bottom of this post. Bella and Jules were not doing photo taking friendly water stuff, so I only have one photo of them outside of Schlitterbahn.

The other highlights of spring break were, Gnomeo and Juliet, mini-golf, BounceU, and the Natural Science Museum. It was a busy week, but the kids had fun...totally worth it. much handsome for 27 pounds and 36 inches. If he ever goes above the 5%ile on the weight chart it will be a miracle. At least he's rocking an average height. I blame myself for the skinny child gene.

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