Sunday, April 10, 2011

Xander Turns 3!

It's true...our baby boy is 3 years old. He pretty much runs with the pack now, is obsessed with Spiderman and Thomas, has very clear opinions about everything, tells me how "stwong" he is every day while he scales the front of the kitchen cabinets or carries grocery bags, says please and thank you, is so close to being finished with potty training (but doesn't want to finish), and is turning into a much happier and less moody guy since the 2 year old angst is rapidly fading. We're looking forward to a fun year.

Due to our house being a complete construction disaster, we went with a nice little family party at Grammy & Grampy's house after church today. He also went on his 1st official Grammy birthday date on Friday...I hear it was a fun time.

Spiderman is his big thing at the moment, followed by Thomas, Diego, and Buzz Lightyear. So we went with a Spiderman theme.

Surrounded by his all girl fan club. coloring (blech!)

Xander discovers the joy of Pez...and immediately polishes off two packages.

Web nunchucks Spiderman. I believe he may shouting "Peeta Pakah!" (Peter Parker)
in this photo.


B. Allred said...

Happy Birthday Xander! The Spiderman costume reminds me of an episode of Modern Family.

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday little buddy!