Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Preschool Graduation

Leia graduated from Preschool last week. Here is the photo evidence. She's so cute I could eat her like a cupcake. She has been asking when she gets to go to big school for 2 years...it's finally here! She is SO READY.

Xander was entertaining the grownups while we waited for graduation to start.

There was singing and dancing, diplomas, and cupcakes. Followed up by a playdate at an indoor playground.

Why do my kids look totally normal sized until you see them in a group of their peers...suddenly they are always the smallest one.

Leia and her teacher.

Graduation present from Grammy and flowers from Mama.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Girl dolls

My son has taken to stealing his sister's polly pockets, doll house people and Barbie dolls. Why? Usually because Spiderman and the Piricks (Pirates) need female characters for all of their pretending. It cracks me up that he shouts in a deep voice when playing the boy roles and in a high pitched squeal when he voices the girls. Too funny. The girls are usually in peril and require saving of some sort. Too many superhero cartoons I guess.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Bella turned 10!

Bella turned 10 last week! I can't even believe that she has been in our family for 10 years. On the one hand, I feel like she was just a baby. In other ways, I feel like the memories of just Daniel and I and her little self as our whole family were a lifetime ago. Memories are so strange that way. She is growing into a beautiful young lady. We are so proud of her.

She is kind, smart, responsible, beautiful, a great student, a great artist, not afraid to be silly, and not afraid to go after the things that she wants. Her current hobbies are piano, swimming, and all things art related. We know that she can achieve anything.

She decided to forgo a big party, or a family outing of some type this year for cold hard cash. So, we did cake and presents at Grammy and Grampy's house after church last Sunday. She was surprisingly thrilled with her presents. I guess we know her well. She had become fixated on the idea of playing the game Final Fantasy 8 (an OLD GAME) after seeing one of the characters pictured somewhere. That is typical Bella. She totally gets obsessed with things...cough...NERD...cough. The problem is, that it was a Playstation game...the only type of game system that we don't already own. So she had decided to use her cash to buy an old Playstation 2 system and this particular game. So, I decided to surprise her and went on ebay and got her the system and a bundle of games as one of her presents. Then I was able to order Final Fantasy 8 from Amazon (yay for Amazon). As you can see...she's thrilled, and now has a wad of cash still burning a hole in her pocket. Her other gifts included new canvases, a moleskine watercolor notebook, professional watercolor pencils, the 2nd Red Pyramid book, and 2 webkinz. She is excited to go on her annual birthday date with Grammy as soon as school gets out.

Her cake of choice this year was the usual Oreo Ice cream cake, but with the variation of mint chocolate chip ice cream instead of the usual vanilla.

Happy Birthday Bella! You're in the double digits now!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Leia has a super power, and it's called charm. She can charm your socks off, and I'm not kidding. It happens to me almost daily. She charms Bella into cleaning her room, she charms Juli into playing outside with her whether Juli wants to play or not. There are a million examples. Today was her last day of preschool, graduation is tomorrow. We were driving home (home is 1 mile away from school). She asked me what we were having for lunch. I gave her the usual choices, turkey/cheese sandwich, pb&j, leftover lasagna, etc. She said, "Hmmmm...okay...welllllll...I WOULD really like some Chip-a-lay ." That's Chick-fil-a for those who don't speak 4 year old. Then she smiled at me...with her tiny little teeth and her double dimple. Sigh. I then found my car turning around and heading way out of my way to get her some lunch. I rationalized that she is not the boss of me...I'm just agreeing because it was the last day of school...yeah...right. As we were driving AWAY from home I said, "Do you want Chick-fil-a chicken, or Whataburger chicken with the cookie? (I love that their meals come with a cookie instead of a piece of plastic flotsam.) To which she shouted from the back seat..."Wha-er-ber-ler!" Sigh. Boss. Of. Me.

*See above photo for more evidence. She charmed me into waiting in a 20+ minute line and shelling out $20 for this "Desert Queen" face paint job at Disney. Which resulted in being trapped behind the Animal Kingdom parade for another half hour while the rest of our family had dinner.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Belated Easter Photos

Yes...yes I am just blogging Easter pictures a month late. Maybe you haven't heard that my house is a complete construction disaster. It's impeding my desire to do many things...including post blog updates.
Due to the aforementioned house disaster, we did all of our Easter stuff at Grammy and Grampy's house after church.
The benefit of this arrangement...I didn't have to hide all the eggs. I dropped everything off all prepped on Saturday and the Easter Grampy magically took care of hiding them.
Big girls eyeballing oven contents. Mmmmmm...garlic mashed potatoes.
Easter baskets.
I wish I could freeze Leia in time forever. I've felt that way for about 18 months now. She is perfectly delightful at this stage. Such a funny, happy kid right now. Gives me hope that Captain Grouchy will hit his sweet spot any time now. Here's to hoping.
Every year I say that I'm going to replace this random conglomeration of Easter baskets and get some new coordinating baskets. Every year I forget. Note to self. Replace Easter baskets.

With perfect timing my parents ended up with a bunny nest right outside their kitchen window for Easter. Aren't they cute?
Shhh...don't tell these 2 that I posted a picture of them on the blog. They are the 2 that don't like being photographed. But I have to put one up at least once a year, or you may forget that they exist, because they stealthily avoid my camera.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mother Daughter Pajama Activity

The big girls and I had a mother/daughter pajama dinner activity to attend tonight. Here we are in our pajama fashions which we modeled runway style. The girls also performed a little skit.

Monday, May 2, 2011

I'm still here

My house is in renovation disaster state, I've been way sick, and everything is crazy, sorry for the lack of posts. I still need to update with some Easter photos of the kids...but I did get to spend the weekend in San Antonio with some girlfriends this week. We had fun, shopped at the outlets, went to a women's conference, walked around, ate leisurely meals, stayed at a historic hotel next door to the Alamo, went to Bucee's twice (you have to live in TX to understand the glory of Bucee's). Seriously, how often can the mother's of a combined total of 22 children spend 2 hours in a restaurant? I learned the hard way to never stand in the foreground of a group picture taken with a cell phone camera while making a weird face (I looked like a 200 pound 6 foot tall troll), and to never give in to my addiction to high heels when walking around all weekend! Bad move, my feet are still crying. This conference is turning into an annual tradition for some of us, I'm looking forward to next year...when it is someone else's turn to be the driver again, lol. I was a grouch by the time we got home late Saturday and I had to drive around for an hour dropping everyone off! Hopefully my grouchiness translated to some people's normal demeanor and no one noticed.If you know me, you know I have an age-inappropriate fondness for silly/tacky t-shirts. This one wouldn't have even been suitable for pajamas now that my kids can read!P.S. Thanks to the Angie(s) for the photos.. I totally didn't remember to bring my real camera.