Sunday, May 15, 2011

Belated Easter Photos

Yes...yes I am just blogging Easter pictures a month late. Maybe you haven't heard that my house is a complete construction disaster. It's impeding my desire to do many things...including post blog updates.
Due to the aforementioned house disaster, we did all of our Easter stuff at Grammy and Grampy's house after church.
The benefit of this arrangement...I didn't have to hide all the eggs. I dropped everything off all prepped on Saturday and the Easter Grampy magically took care of hiding them.
Big girls eyeballing oven contents. Mmmmmm...garlic mashed potatoes.
Easter baskets.
I wish I could freeze Leia in time forever. I've felt that way for about 18 months now. She is perfectly delightful at this stage. Such a funny, happy kid right now. Gives me hope that Captain Grouchy will hit his sweet spot any time now. Here's to hoping.
Every year I say that I'm going to replace this random conglomeration of Easter baskets and get some new coordinating baskets. Every year I forget. Note to self. Replace Easter baskets.

With perfect timing my parents ended up with a bunny nest right outside their kitchen window for Easter. Aren't they cute?
Shhh...don't tell these 2 that I posted a picture of them on the blog. They are the 2 that don't like being photographed. But I have to put one up at least once a year, or you may forget that they exist, because they stealthily avoid my camera.

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