Friday, May 27, 2011

Bella turned 10!

Bella turned 10 last week! I can't even believe that she has been in our family for 10 years. On the one hand, I feel like she was just a baby. In other ways, I feel like the memories of just Daniel and I and her little self as our whole family were a lifetime ago. Memories are so strange that way. She is growing into a beautiful young lady. We are so proud of her.

She is kind, smart, responsible, beautiful, a great student, a great artist, not afraid to be silly, and not afraid to go after the things that she wants. Her current hobbies are piano, swimming, and all things art related. We know that she can achieve anything.

She decided to forgo a big party, or a family outing of some type this year for cold hard cash. So, we did cake and presents at Grammy and Grampy's house after church last Sunday. She was surprisingly thrilled with her presents. I guess we know her well. She had become fixated on the idea of playing the game Final Fantasy 8 (an OLD GAME) after seeing one of the characters pictured somewhere. That is typical Bella. She totally gets obsessed with things...cough...NERD...cough. The problem is, that it was a Playstation game...the only type of game system that we don't already own. So she had decided to use her cash to buy an old Playstation 2 system and this particular game. So, I decided to surprise her and went on ebay and got her the system and a bundle of games as one of her presents. Then I was able to order Final Fantasy 8 from Amazon (yay for Amazon). As you can see...she's thrilled, and now has a wad of cash still burning a hole in her pocket. Her other gifts included new canvases, a moleskine watercolor notebook, professional watercolor pencils, the 2nd Red Pyramid book, and 2 webkinz. She is excited to go on her annual birthday date with Grammy as soon as school gets out.

Her cake of choice this year was the usual Oreo Ice cream cake, but with the variation of mint chocolate chip ice cream instead of the usual vanilla.

Happy Birthday Bella! You're in the double digits now!

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