Monday, May 2, 2011

I'm still here

My house is in renovation disaster state, I've been way sick, and everything is crazy, sorry for the lack of posts. I still need to update with some Easter photos of the kids...but I did get to spend the weekend in San Antonio with some girlfriends this week. We had fun, shopped at the outlets, went to a women's conference, walked around, ate leisurely meals, stayed at a historic hotel next door to the Alamo, went to Bucee's twice (you have to live in TX to understand the glory of Bucee's). Seriously, how often can the mother's of a combined total of 22 children spend 2 hours in a restaurant? I learned the hard way to never stand in the foreground of a group picture taken with a cell phone camera while making a weird face (I looked like a 200 pound 6 foot tall troll), and to never give in to my addiction to high heels when walking around all weekend! Bad move, my feet are still crying. This conference is turning into an annual tradition for some of us, I'm looking forward to next year...when it is someone else's turn to be the driver again, lol. I was a grouch by the time we got home late Saturday and I had to drive around for an hour dropping everyone off! Hopefully my grouchiness translated to some people's normal demeanor and no one noticed.If you know me, you know I have an age-inappropriate fondness for silly/tacky t-shirts. This one wouldn't have even been suitable for pajamas now that my kids can read!P.S. Thanks to the Angie(s) for the photos.. I totally didn't remember to bring my real camera.

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