Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Leia has a super power, and it's called charm. She can charm your socks off, and I'm not kidding. It happens to me almost daily. She charms Bella into cleaning her room, she charms Juli into playing outside with her whether Juli wants to play or not. There are a million examples. Today was her last day of preschool, graduation is tomorrow. We were driving home (home is 1 mile away from school). She asked me what we were having for lunch. I gave her the usual choices, turkey/cheese sandwich, pb&j, leftover lasagna, etc. She said, "Hmmmm...okay...welllllll...I WOULD really like some Chip-a-lay ." That's Chick-fil-a for those who don't speak 4 year old. Then she smiled at me...with her tiny little teeth and her double dimple. Sigh. I then found my car turning around and heading way out of my way to get her some lunch. I rationalized that she is not the boss of me...I'm just agreeing because it was the last day of school...yeah...right. As we were driving AWAY from home I said, "Do you want Chick-fil-a chicken, or Whataburger chicken with the cookie? (I love that their meals come with a cookie instead of a piece of plastic flotsam.) To which she shouted from the back seat..."Wha-er-ber-ler!" Sigh. Boss. Of. Me.

*See above photo for more evidence. She charmed me into waiting in a 20+ minute line and shelling out $20 for this "Desert Queen" face paint job at Disney. Which resulted in being trapped behind the Animal Kingdom parade for another half hour while the rest of our family had dinner.

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