Thursday, July 28, 2011

School Awards Ceremonies

So let's talk about my awesome kids and their school awards...ya know...before school goes back in a few weeks. Bella's awards took place in the cafeteria, so the pictures were all blurry as usual. She received the following awards: Honor Roll, Academic Excellence Social Studies, Academic Excellence Science, Academic Excellence Language, Academic Excellence Reading, TAKS Commended Math, TAKS Commended Reading, TAKS Commended Writing, Gator mail, Presidential Fitness, Texas Readers Club, and Citizenship.

Julianne's awards took place in her classroom. Here she is with her super sweet and loving Florida Gator teacher...loved her. Juli received the following awards: Academic Excellence Reading, Academic Excellence Math, Academic Excellence Science, Academic Excellence Social Studies, Honor Roll, Texas Readers Club, and Citizenship. (2nd grade doesn't take TAKS).

Someone finds award ceremonies extremely boring.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

4 months

My house has been under serious renovation for 4 months. 4...months. Daniel is incapable of just doing a project. He must do 10 million side projects as part of the real project that take a 4-6 week floor replacement to a 4 month complete remodel. I actually had to take the kids and move out for 11 days because the entire downstairs was bare concrete with some tile...and that tile was loaded full of all the furniture that had to be moved off the bare concrete for grinding and leveling. It was unbelievable. We still need to put down wood in the piano room and Xander's room, and build shelves in the new expanded pantry. Other than putting baseboards back up and transition pieces at the edges...that is then end. I never...ever...want to do anything like this again. ever. ever.

But I digress, I just unloaded 2.5 months worth of pictures off of my camera and figured I had better start blogging them...or give the blog up for dead. Stay tuned...if anyone is still out there.