Thursday, August 25, 2011

Leia's Birthday Party

I've given up Leia's actual birthday day pictures for dead. They are still on my mom's camera and I just cannot remember to get them off of there. So, here are the pictures of Leia's party! We delayed her party, by her request, until most of her friends were home from summer vacations. She changed her mind about the party location 3 times, but finally settled on Chuck E Cheese. So we made up some Tangled cupcakes and favor boxes and headed to Chuck E Cheese for a celebration.

She was a little leary about the whole giant mouse trying to interact with her thing at first, but she eventually warmed up some to the complete embarrassment.

Well, using your eye is one method for catching tickets in the ticket booth. She caught around 300 tickets. The giant ones are worth 50-100 each.

Rainbow center Pascal cupcakes. They were quite a hit, and a lot easier than the Rapunzel cupcake tower that she originally requested. I told her....I'll make the tower if that's what you want, but it might break on the way over to Chuck E Cheese, it will be very fragile. So, she changed her order. Thank goodness, because my name is not Buddy the Cake Boss and I don't have a guy to hold my cakes upright while I drive a van full of kids across town to Chuck E Cheese.

Overall, she was happy with her choice. We opened her presents when we got home since we were a little short on time to open them at Chuck E Cheese. The ink was barely dry on the Thank You notes and it was time to start school! Stay tuned for that.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bella's swim season

As I mentioned, it was the year of the backstroke. We probably should have tried for prelims this year, but the girls were just DONE with swimming by the last meet and didn't want to compete in prelims. Bella was the most reluctant to swim again this year, but as with most things, she was glad that she decided to return to the team. She enjoys it, it is just super intense time-wise in the summer. She did well, but was taking the imperfections in her strokes very seriously and personally this year. She is for sure the perfectionist of the 4 children...I feel her pain.

Julianne's swim season

Julianne started her 2nd swim season with a lot more confidence than last year. She was the first one ready to sign up again this year. This was the year of the backstroke for our girls. They were backstroking like champions. Ribbons were collected, fun was had. Jules bloomed socially in her swim group more than anything this year. Last year she tended to keep to herself. This year there was significantly more talking and playing with the other 7/8 year old girls in her group. She's a fierce competitor at individual sports. She may look like a sweet potato, but trust me...she has the eye of the tiger when that buzzer sounds.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Swim Time 2011 Compilation

I just compiled the girls swim times from this season. There may be errors as I noticed there were several times listed under Leia's name for back stroke that I didn't include because I knew that she had not swam backstroke during those meets, certainly not in less than 1/2 the time it normally takes her. So, these are the posted results for their individual events. I did not include medley relay and free relay times because I didn't have times for their individual legs of the relay. Meet 1 was rained out.

Meet 2: Girls 25 free: 33.27Y (likely a recording error), Girls 25 back: 21.60Y
Meet 3: Girls 25 breast: 38.60Y, Girls 25 back: 23.00Y
Meet 4: Girls 25 free: 20.28Y, Girls 25 back: 22.91Y (fastest time in her group)
Meet 5: Girls 25 free: 20.31Y, Girls 25 back: 24.68Y
Meet 6: Girls 25 fly: 26.60 Y

Meet 2: Girls 25 free: 23.81Y, Girls 25 back: 32.31Y
Meet 3: Girls 25 back: 31.51Y, Girls 25 fly: 38.36Y
Meet 4: Girls 25 back: 31.59Y, Girls 25 fly: 38.22Y
Meet 5: Girls 25 back: 35.42Y
Meet 6: Girls 25 free: 27.46 Y, Girls 25 back: 32.92 Y

Meet 2: girls 25 free: 55.78Y (I don't know if this is accurate)
Meet 3: girls 25 free: 1:16.03Y. girls 25 back: 2:14.50Y (I was ready to jump in the pool and fish her out)
Meet 4: girls 25 free: 1:06.22Y
Meet 5: girls 25 free: 59.36Y
Meet 6: girls 25 free: 57.71 Y

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Leia's Swim Season 2011

This was Leia's first year on the swim team. She was actually on the practice team, but got moved up to the competition team after the first meet. She felt SO BIG when she got to pack her meet bag and sit in the age group tent with her her group. Thank goodness our wonderful friend was an age group parent for her group. It made it much less stressful to have my little munchkin out of my control for several hours in a crowded place.

The dives of the under 6 age group are always so hilarious.

We're working on side breathing without lifting your entire body out of the water and sucking wind every 3 strokes, lol. Still I'm very impressed with the fact that she can make it across the big pool at all considering she was only 4 and had just learned to swim a month before swim season started. 3 swimmers down, 1 to go on the water safety front.

She got lots of pretty ribbons, and other than overheating during the last 2 was a great swim season for her. Leia ended the swim season by turning 5! Her birthday photos are still on Grammy's camera though because my battery was dead, and her big party is not happening for a couple more weeks when the bulk of her friends will all be back from vacations. So, her birthday post will be delayed for the rest of the festivities. Next up on her list...KINDERGARTEN!