Thursday, August 25, 2011

Leia's Birthday Party

I've given up Leia's actual birthday day pictures for dead. They are still on my mom's camera and I just cannot remember to get them off of there. So, here are the pictures of Leia's party! We delayed her party, by her request, until most of her friends were home from summer vacations. She changed her mind about the party location 3 times, but finally settled on Chuck E Cheese. So we made up some Tangled cupcakes and favor boxes and headed to Chuck E Cheese for a celebration.

She was a little leary about the whole giant mouse trying to interact with her thing at first, but she eventually warmed up some to the complete embarrassment.

Well, using your eye is one method for catching tickets in the ticket booth. She caught around 300 tickets. The giant ones are worth 50-100 each.

Rainbow center Pascal cupcakes. They were quite a hit, and a lot easier than the Rapunzel cupcake tower that she originally requested. I told her....I'll make the tower if that's what you want, but it might break on the way over to Chuck E Cheese, it will be very fragile. So, she changed her order. Thank goodness, because my name is not Buddy the Cake Boss and I don't have a guy to hold my cakes upright while I drive a van full of kids across town to Chuck E Cheese.

Overall, she was happy with her choice. We opened her presents when we got home since we were a little short on time to open them at Chuck E Cheese. The ink was barely dry on the Thank You notes and it was time to start school! Stay tuned for that.


Brooke said...

We had a great time!

Melissa said...

She is getting so big! Looks like fun had by all.