Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Leia's Swim Season 2011

This was Leia's first year on the swim team. She was actually on the practice team, but got moved up to the competition team after the first meet. She felt SO BIG when she got to pack her meet bag and sit in the age group tent with her her group. Thank goodness our wonderful friend was an age group parent for her group. It made it much less stressful to have my little munchkin out of my control for several hours in a crowded place.

The dives of the under 6 age group are always so hilarious.

We're working on side breathing without lifting your entire body out of the water and sucking wind every 3 strokes, lol. Still I'm very impressed with the fact that she can make it across the big pool at all considering she was only 4 and had just learned to swim a month before swim season started. 3 swimmers down, 1 to go on the water safety front.

She got lots of pretty ribbons, and other than overheating during the last 2 meets...it was a great swim season for her. Leia ended the swim season by turning 5! Her birthday photos are still on Grammy's camera though because my battery was dead, and her big party is not happening for a couple more weeks when the bulk of her friends will all be back from vacations. So, her birthday post will be delayed for the rest of the festivities. Next up on her list...KINDERGARTEN!


Melissa said...

Yay for Leia!

Suzy Q said...

BREATH!! BREATH!! I loved watching her suck air like it was the last breath she'd ever get.

Good job Leia!