Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Swim Time 2011 Compilation

I just compiled the girls swim times from this season. There may be errors as I noticed there were several times listed under Leia's name for back stroke that I didn't include because I knew that she had not swam backstroke during those meets, certainly not in less than 1/2 the time it normally takes her. So, these are the posted results for their individual events. I did not include medley relay and free relay times because I didn't have times for their individual legs of the relay. Meet 1 was rained out.

Meet 2: Girls 25 free: 33.27Y (likely a recording error), Girls 25 back: 21.60Y
Meet 3: Girls 25 breast: 38.60Y, Girls 25 back: 23.00Y
Meet 4: Girls 25 free: 20.28Y, Girls 25 back: 22.91Y (fastest time in her group)
Meet 5: Girls 25 free: 20.31Y, Girls 25 back: 24.68Y
Meet 6: Girls 25 fly: 26.60 Y

Meet 2: Girls 25 free: 23.81Y, Girls 25 back: 32.31Y
Meet 3: Girls 25 back: 31.51Y, Girls 25 fly: 38.36Y
Meet 4: Girls 25 back: 31.59Y, Girls 25 fly: 38.22Y
Meet 5: Girls 25 back: 35.42Y
Meet 6: Girls 25 free: 27.46 Y, Girls 25 back: 32.92 Y

Meet 2: girls 25 free: 55.78Y (I don't know if this is accurate)
Meet 3: girls 25 free: 1:16.03Y. girls 25 back: 2:14.50Y (I was ready to jump in the pool and fish her out)
Meet 4: girls 25 free: 1:06.22Y
Meet 5: girls 25 free: 59.36Y
Meet 6: girls 25 free: 57.71 Y

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