Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween recap

Here are this year's pumpkins. I carved a much simpler pattern than usual this year, and Bella's pattern fell apart while she was cutting it, so we just turned it backwards. Julianne was so tired that she didn't want to carve one this year. The little ones are Xander and Leia's designs. They drew the faces, I cut them out. Daniel hates pumpkins...so I stopped getting him one a couple of years ago.

We have what has turned into a bit of a tradition of making our own little pizzas and "witch's brew" on Halloween night. I served it with a veggie tray and some fruit.

I had to get a picture of Jessie and Buzz alone. I was so excited that they chose a matching costume this year. That never happens! Also, we had to get a picture with Percy in his Halloween sweater.

Before and After Trick-or-Treating photo.

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