Tuesday, November 15, 2011

We Ran Away to Mexico

What do people with 4 kids do after 7 months without a single date? If their mother/mother-in-law lives 3 miles away...they run away to Mexico. Maybe we're just lucky...but that's what we do. Here's a little secret people...cruises can be a cheap getaway if you live near an embarkation point...and we do. So, instead of planning a few days away nearby, booking a hotel, driving, figuring out some entertainment, etc. We just drove over to the port (45 minutes) and hopped on a ship for 4 days. No more planning required. We took like a grand total of 10 pictures, so there is not much to show, we mostly "relaxed" (foreign concept for us), read books, ate way too much, and reflected on the fact that we still actually like each other, which we occasionally forget...what with the 4 kids and all. Bad news I gained 4 pounds in 4 days (and I wasn't the only one)...good news, I've been home for a week and it fell off on its own. See...cruises have magical properties. You should try one. Very relaxing.This was the only picture of Daniel. He is not angry, he is squinting. That explains his eyes. His frowny mouth...that he was born with. Poor guy...people always think he's angry when he isn't.I totally folded this towel dog myself. Daniel was making fun of me for being so pleased with myself after watching a towel folding demonstration.

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