Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, from our family to yours!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Violin Trio

Jules played in a violin trio at church yesterday. It isn't appropriate to record performances in the chapel, but I did take this video of them practicing a couple of weeks ago. They did great yesterday in church, it sounded SO GOOD. This practice session was a couple of weeks ago, so it is rough, and the power flicked out momentarily. But, if will give you a general idea of what they played. I wasn't going to post it on the blog since there are 2 other children in the video who aren't mine...but I was filming the tops of their heads from upstairs with my low quality phone camera, in low light, lol. So, I figured it would be okay.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

5th grade choir production

Bella decided that she wanted to be involved in the stage crew for the 5th grade choir Christmas production. It was actually quite an elaborate production, I was very surprised. She was chosen to operate the lights, which she informed me quite excitedly, "IS THE BEST JOB IN STAGE CREW!!!" So funny. I guess it was an honor or something due to the complexity. I was also quite surprised when I saw her script for the lighting changes how complex it actually was. In my mind I thought she would just be flipping a few switches on and off, but no! It was definitely a lot of directions like, mid stage lights to 2.5 and whatnot. She did a great job though and there were no lighting mishaps, for which I was grateful.

We know she is Daniel's girl because she was all about being the lighting engineer and had ZERO interest in performing on stage....unless she is playing the piano. That doesn't make her nervous at all. Personally I was a big fan of stage time when I was her age. :) Not anymore.There was also a section in the beginning and end where she jumped up from the lighting booth and grabbed a prop, then ran into her place in line for a processional of sorts. She carried a star, marched up in the line, swayed back and forth, and tried not to make eye contact with the huge audience, lol.

So, that is now finished! I'm glad that she was interested in doing it and that her application to stage crew was accepted. It was a good experience for her all around. Merry Christmas! :)

Decorating Fatty

We kept it simple this year by forgetting to put on any ribbon or garland before we hung the ornaments. So she's looking a little au naturale. The above photo is from my phone, because my phone is killing me in the photo/blog department. It is so much easier to snap a poor quality phone picture and press the facebook button than it is to take real pictures, load them onto the computer and then compose a blog post about said pictures. My blogging has always been largely dependent on essentially journaling with pictures. So basically, my smartphone has been trying to kill my blog since a year ago September when I got it. Don't blame me! Blame the phone and its blasted convenience factor!So the girls and I fell in love with this slightly short and super fat 2 trunked Christmas tree on our tree acquisition outing a couple of weeks ago. It was a challenge to figure out where to put the star without a single top branch to work with, but it turned out fine. Unfortunately, our tree stopped drinking water 24 hours after we got it (almost 2 weeks ago now) and is dropping needles like CRAZY. Hopefully it will not be entirely brown a week from now when it is actually Christmas. I'm one who likes to get the tree down immediately after Christmas it should be fine.
Trying to get Jules to smile for a picture is like asking for a kidney donation.

Belle was on star duty this year. The last 2 years Leia and Juli had that job. Next year, it will be Xander's turn...that should be interesting. Merry Christmas. :)