Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Baking Girls and CCC #4

I did a substandard job of covering topics in photos over the holidays. Exhibit #1, I took this picture of my girls and I doing the annual baking for our holiday cake deliveries to a few friends, but didn't take any pictures of the wrapped up cake platters or delivery process. You'll have to use your imagination. On the upside...look at that little smirk on my baby girl. I could lick her little face off. "Look at me being cute while my sisters are doing serious baking work over here!"

Exhibit #2: 4th annual Cousin Christmas Crafts took place at the cousins' house for the first time this year. I took a few shots of the crafting going on, but no pictures of the finished crafts. I'm awesomely on top of things like that. We did some cute button Christmas trees on canvas (idea thanks to Pinterest), some 3 dimensional paper snowglobe thingies that I cut out with my Silhouette Cameo, and a cute reindeer flower pot thing that Aunt M came up with. The kids had fun, they always do. CCC is a tradition that they treasure annually.

Exhibit #3: I just loaded up my Christmas photos (138 of them) and found that I appear in precisely ZERO photos. Not that I enjoy photos of myself...but Zero? My kids will ask, where was Mama during Christmas 2011? Behind the camera, as always. :)

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Melissa said...

We need to get you a mini tripod so you can be in some of those pictures....that or invest in a small camera that can be handled by the kids to get in a few pictures. Jessica has been my picture taker (wilingly)so I get in a few more these days myself. That or I do the mini tripod with the timer or even the super close up self portrait because my arms are short.