Friday, February 10, 2012

Christmas Day 2011

 On Christmas morning we attended church, since Christmas fell on a Sunday.  As usual, Julianne was not in the mood to be photographed afterwards.  I swear she is not as grouchy as the photographic evidence generally indicates.  Anyway, after we got home we quickly changed clothes and got down to the business of presents.  The only pictures I have of Christmas Day are present opening because I spent the rest of the day cooking and serving dinner instead of taking pictures.

 The Nooks were a big hit.  Daniel had of course already pre-cracked them or whatever and installed Android.  So, that is what they are running on them.

 Leia and I had fun putting together this Lego set.  She also now has the only Nintendo 3ds in the house.  She really wanted an "iPad", but I told her that she had to finish kindergarten before getting her own tablet.  lol.  So I guess her birthday gift won't require much thought this summer.
 As you can see some of these kids take after their mother.  I'm not naming any names.

 I am not gonna lie, there are about 80 more photos of the present opening.  I'll leave it there though.  I have a tendency to overdo it with the blog photos.  Immediately following presents I ran around like a lunatic for an hour getting dinner going, because at this point it was already after 11am and we eat holiday meals around 3pm.  Then it was time for Grammy, Grampy, and Uncle J to arrive.  It went a little like this....
 CHRISTMAS...PART DEUX!  Are you kidding me?!  We just got finished and Grammy-Claus has gone and dwarfed our tree. Dwarfed...our...tree...people.  Okay, so technically I pre-approved these presents because it is easier to deal with a few large things than a million small ones when it comes to organizing the belongings of 4 children.  However, I underestimated exactly what that would look like.  It was hilarious.

 This Razor electric scooter was a BIG HIT.  Well, after she drove it full throttle and fell off 2-3 times and said she was never getting on it again for the rest of her life!  Now it is her favorite thing in the world.
 Why are there never any pictures of the adults when I am in charge of photographs.  You can see who Percy's favorite person in the family is.

This is the only photo that I took later in the day.  Xander is playing backseat driver and giving advice.  I thought it was hilarious.

Well, that is all for 2011.  We had the cousins over for New Years Eve.  It was totally casual and I took no pictures.  The kids enjoyed watching all of the illegal fireworks in our neighborhood.  They were pretty impressive.  Happy 2012 everyone. :)

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