Saturday, January 26, 2013

2013 Snowblast

 Here are some photos of this year's annual Snowblast event.  My kids love Snowblast.  I got smart and ordered a cheap 3 pack of sleds from Amazon this year so that we didn't have to wait in the sled line.  Should have thought of that years ago.  Leia and Xander went down ONCE...then wanted nothing else to do with the sledding.  You'll see why in the photos below.  Luckily there is more to do than just a snow hill.  There are also age segregated snow piles and bounce house style toys, rock climbing wall, and a jumping harness thing that my girls particularly love. Bella and Jules finally figured out how to do flips on it this year.  They tried last year and couldn't get the hang of flipping. :)  The last photo melts my heart. 

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