Thursday, January 3, 2013

I'm Baaaaaaaaaack!/Toilet Paper Super Hero

I took a nice long break with no plans to return to writing.  What can I say....Facebook and posting photos from my phone with one press of a button killed my blog.  I was looking something up in the archives the other day and realized how useful all of that archived kid information was to me.  Then I realized that since I stopped writing for almost a year, I wasn't making any new useful stuff to look back on in the future.  Wasted opportunity with the rate that these 4 little people are growing up.  Especially since this is the only journal I have.  So, I'm back. Keeping track of what goes on with our family from week to week....ideally...if I can get back on the wagon.  I'm going to give it a go.  For my own sake, and a record for them.  However, you are of course welcome to read your own risk, of boredom that is. ;-)

Funny kid moment to kick this back off.  The girls never remember to restock the toilet paper in their bathroom upstairs.  One of them is always screaming for toilet paper help in an emergency situation.  One little man with a super hero obsession takes the job of rescuing them with toilet paper VERY seriously.  He just ran past me carrying a roll of toilet paper screaming, "I"M COMING!!!! IT'S ME!  ALEXANDER! COMING TO HELP YOU WITH TOY-IT PAPER! HERE I COME!"

Also this week, after a few raging anger fits from losing group games on the Wii U, Daniel taught him to say "good game", instead of freaking out.  Now at the end of every game he either says, "Grrrrrr....(deep breath)....good game guys, good game" or "Woot!  Oh yeah!....good game guys, good game".  You know, depending on the outcome of the game in question.  :)  He definitely keeps us laughing around here.

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